The Work Explorer window is used to show detailed attribute data for different work items stored within the Work Manager. It is analogous to work items as the Facility Explorer window is to facilities.

Double-clicking on any listed work item or selecting the right-click option 'Show Work Explorer' will display the Work Explorer window. The Work Explorer window is the one InfoAsset Planner window not readily available from the main InfoAsset Planner toolbar.  It can be docked like any other window, but it will only be activated when you select a work item to view additional information.

Work Explorer - Toolbar

The toolbar shown below is static no matter what work item is selected by the Work Explorer. It is always located at the top of the Work Explorer window and described from left to right below.

Refresh - Refreshes the data to only show what has been saved in the referenced attribute table.

Select Work Items - Allows you to select a new work item from the map to display within the Work Explorer.  It will clear the currently selected work item(s) from the Explorer.

Launch Google Map - Opens up the your default browser to the Google Street View of the location of the selected work item.

Add-On Note - This tool can be used to associate information from outside the project database to a specific work item.  Pictures, videos, other media files, and hyperlinks are good examples of data which can be linked this way.  It may be more convenient to import or associate data in tabular ways, but this is a good customizable way to link varying data.  The top half of this window lists the different notes while the bottom half shows the different media files and/or hyperlinks associated to the add-on note.

Related Items - When selected, this option opens a separate window to display work items associated with the selected work item.  Service Requests, Inspections, and Work Orders are visible in this new window and are selectable.  Clicking once will open the selected work items properties in the same window.  Double-clicking will zoom to your work item on the map and update the Work Explorer window.

Zoom To - Zooms to the selected work item(s).

Delete - Permanently removes the selected work item(s) from the project database.

Show/Hide List - Toggles between showing multiple work items in one list or hiding the list and simply stating 'Multiple' items.  When the items are lists some of the other options are temporarily hidden.

Work Explorer - Tabs

Tabs within the Work Explorer are very similar to tabs within the Facility Explorer.  Some tabs are editable and can directly affect the attribute tables within the InfoAsset Planner database, while some are simply for viewing data.  Depending on the work item selected, only some of the tabs described below will be available.  Generally, service requests and inspections will have fewer associated tables, and therefore fewer tabs, than work orders.

General Info - This first tab contains basic attribute data concerning the selected work item(s).  Many of the fields will be directly editable, while others will be locked and may not be edited through this tab.  You may select the Field Settings option to change fields or edit field categories.

Detail Tables - Many additional customized tabs may be associated to the work item. Through the Type Manager, service requests, inspections, and work orders may all have additional custom tables, known as detail tables, associated to them.  You can name detail tables whatever they choose and include additional custom fields. These tables must be stored within the InfoAsset Planner database and are editable within the Work Explorer.  Some example custom tabs/detail tables are shown below.

Resource Tab - This tab is by default only available for inspections and work orders.  It details any employees, pieces of equipment, or materials which might be associated with the currently selected work item.  You may quickly add or remove a resource from a work item within this tab.  In addition, the resource attributes are directly editable.

Facility - Details all the attribute information for the associated facility or facilities of the selected work order.  You can add/remove facilities to the work order through this tab and edit a facilities' Add-On Note.  Facility attribute data is fully editable through this tab.

Task - This tab is only available for work orders.  You may view and edit the individual tasks associated with the selected work order. The list of available tasks which may be associated is the combination of Rehab Methods and other tasks from the Task Template Manager.  Tasks may have associated costs which are summed in the overall work order. Many of the fields in this tab are editable.

History - Shows the logged history of the work item. This tab is not editable.