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As asset management evolves as an engineering field, so does InfoAsset™ Planner [formerly InfoMaster].  Use this area of the help file to stay up-to-date with the latest changes. Below is a summary of how InfoAsset Planner has evolved. Please click on each version for more details about the changes made for each.

You can access and install the latest product release of InfoAsset Planner from the InfoAsset Planner Software Downloads web page. Go to the hyperlink provided from the InfoAsset Planner Software Downloads page to install InfoAsset Planner 2020.3.

InfoAsset Planner 2020.3.1 Bug fixes only.

InfoAsset Planner 2020.3 -  In this latest software product release of InfoAsset Planner, first there is a new dialog box that allows you to update an existing Electroscan report or upload a new Electroscan report into InfoAsset Planner. With this new dialog box, you can integrate pressurized main pipes data into InfoAsset Planner. Second, you can now use InfoAsset Planner to integrate data with Esri's new Workforce mobile application in this latest InfoAsset Planner software release. Esri's Workforce mobile application allows users to assign tasks to field workers. Finally, there are three new improvements to Electroscan in the Condition Assessment Window in this latest InfoAsset Planner software product release. You can automatically populate a null value type in the Condition Assessment Window, you can enable or disable the GPM labels in the Condition Assessment Window, and you can display the metric unit for imported inspection length of pipes in the Condition Assessment Window. 

InfoAsset Planner 2020.2An improvement on polygon grouping in the Project Prioritization workspace for InfoAsset Planner has been the major feature for this release. In addition, you can upgrade your software licensing tier based on total mileage. You can view Innovyze's InfoAsset Planner software licensing tier table from the InfoAsset Planner Tiers and Guides section of the online help. Furthermore, you can add Batch Run to your Project Prioritization. Moreover, for this new release, you can view Rehabilitation Results in a new tab called Rehab. Lastly, with an updated Connectivity dialog box, you can clip projects based on line features. For more information on this new Connectivity dialog box, click on this hyperlink: Creating a new Project Prioritization Flow Chart and see step 6.

InfoAsset Planner 2020.1 - The new generation of InfoAsset Planner comes with the Project Prioritization tool that allows you to create projects from rehabilitation plan results based on pipe proximity, connectivity, or other parameters such as diameter and material. In addition, InfoAsset Planner 2020.1 has full compatibility with Electro Scan survey data and allows users to import, view, and analyse data from their Electro Scan database.

InfoAsset Planner 2019.3 - An improvement on survey import capabilities for InfoAsset Planner has been the main focus on this release. With the new Linear Reference System survey import type users will be able to import surveys for any linear facility type aside from just gravity mains with the use of end point coordinates. Additionally, the costs tables are now in the form of pivot tables providing a more organized view and better user experience when assigning cost to rehab methods.

InfoAsset Planner 2019.2 - The second version of InfoAsset Planner includes enhanced CMMS Exchange capabilities, the option to view CCTV videos in an online location, and the "Export Feature Class" output tool within the Data Miner. For more information, read the Knowledgebase article What’s New in InfoAsset Planner 2019.2?

InfoAsset Planner 2019.1 - This first version of InfoAsset Planner builds on years of Innovyze experience with its CapPlan and InfoMaster solutions to provide customers with a more integrated asset management solution. InfoAsset Planner includes a new tiered licensing structure and decision tree planning across all project facility types.

InfoMaster 8.5 and Earlier VersionsBefore InfoAsset Planner was InfoAsset Planner, it was InfoMaster. See this helpfile and it's related links to access IA Planner's predecessor software. Added the Data Miner feature for greater data customization, a batch run process, and an improved Rehab Action-Method-Cost interface.