Results from the Project Prioritization analysis may be viewed in the Dashboard, the Summary Report, the Detail Report, and the Map Display. This section explains how to view and edit results from the different output tables.

The Dashboard

After the Project Prioritization analysis is ran the Dashboard opens automatically. The Dashboard can be opened by right clicking on the project in the Operation Center and selecting Reports >Dashboard.

The Dashboard reports information from the Summary Report and the Detail Report in a layout view as seen below. Data from the Dashboard is only for viewing purposes and can not be edited. The data view is divided in three different sections as highlighted below. 

  1. The red area summarizes information from the Summary Report. When clicking on a project, you will see the Detail information of the project in the blue area and in the map by selecting a project and clicking .
  2. The blue area summarizes information from the Detail Report. The total costs are also summarized in bar charts by Cost by Material, and Cost by Diameter.
  3. The green area Displays the Project Prioritization flow chart. Note that if the flow chart is edited after the analysis has already ran, the changes may not be automatically refreshed. You should close and re-open the Dashboard to see the changes in the display.

Toolbar Buttons:

Refresh  - Click Refresh to update any changes made in the Details and Summary reports such as changing the Project ID of a facility.

Zoom  - Click Zoom after selecting a project from the red area in the Dashboard. The map will zoom to the location of the project and the pipes will be highlighted with a boundary outline as seen below. The Dashboard may have to be moved to see the project in the map.

Highlight Selected - When this option is turned on, the project will be highlighted in the map when the project is selected in the red area in the Dashboard. This is useful when the map is zoomed out to a greater map extent and the user wants to see where the project is located. When the option is turned off, you have to Zoom  to the pipe to highlight it. 

Map Display Settings - Settings from the Map Display can be modified for a customizable user experience when viewing projects in the Map. 

The Summary Report

The Summary Report can be opened by right clicking on the project in the Operation Center and selecting Reports >Summary Report.

All the information of the Summary Report is available including the Highlight Color which allows you to change the color of the project. 

Similar to the Dashboard, the Summary Report has the Zoom  and Select buttons that allows you to identify and select the project in the map. The Detail Report for the selected project can be viewed by clicking on the Show Details button 

The Detail Report

The Detail Report can be opened by right clicking on the project in the Operation Center and selecting Reports >Detail Report

The Detail Report provides information for all the pipes that were analysed in the Project Prioritization analysis. 

The report allows you to edit the Project ID by clicking on the project to be modified and then clicking on the Move to Project button .

The Choose a Project window appears. It allows you to choose another existing project to located the pipe in. You may also create a new project with an unique ID to place the pipe in . The changes are saved after clicking the  button.

After a pipe is changed from a project, the changes are reflected automatically in the Detail Report and the Map Display.

Finally, the use can see the path in the flow chart that the pipe took to be placed in a project by clicking on the Decision Tree Branches button .

The Map Display

The Project Prioritization results provide an interchangeable experience between the project reports and the Map Display. This allows you to select an area on interest in the map and view Project Prioritization results from the corresponding area. 

  1. Select an area of interest in the map.

  2. Go to the Summary Report and click on the Show Selected Records icon.

  3. Click on the gray area in the upper left corner on the table to select all the records within the Summary Report table.

  4. Click the Zoom to button to Zoom to the selected projects in the Map. Click Yes when prompted to highlight the projects.

  5. View all available projects in the area of interest. The projects may be managed in the Detail Report as explained in the Detail Report section of this document.

  6. Click  in the InfoAsset Planner toolbar to clear the Map Display.