The Validation tool is used to check data for completeness and quality.  

This tool works on facility, vertical asset, and survey data. Right-click on  to open the Validation window.  Note that the Validation window screenshot below is from InfoAsset Planner Water.  A similar validation window with slightly different system validations is available in InfoAsset Planner Sewer.

The Validation window has many basic options along the top toolbar including options for saving a validation , resetting back to the default criteria , adding/subtracting custom validations , and editing the validation scope

In addition, the Validation window has many built in system validations.  You can edit the criteria for these system validations by either selecting the criteria cell or selecting  after selecting the desired validation row.  Notice that the system validations may not be deleted or edited beyond the criteria cell; however, custom/user defined validations may be created and stored in the bottom section of the window.

After selecting the desired validations with specified criteria, you can select  to run the validations and view the results.