The validation results are displayed within the Dashboard interface and are in a tabular format to allow you to easily review.

Validation results are specified with a new row for every rule broken.  A single Facility ID may appear in multiple rows if it has violated multiple validations.  This validation window table will has a standard set of fields (Rule ID, Facility Type, Facility ID, etc.)  It is not advisable to edit this set table format.

Most of the tools in the validation results table are standard Dashboard tools.  However, some of the tools are unique and are described below:

 Resolve Conflict - After a validation occurs, you may wish to review it.  After reviewing, you may select this button to assist in resolving the validation error.  In some cases the validation error may choose to be ignored, while in other cases the review may indicate that you wish to replace the current value with a new compared value.  To use this option, highlight/select the records you have reviewed, enter the next dialog box to determine how the violation should be edited and click OK.

For example, you might have a number of validation errors which occur when the manhole elevation is missing.  You might review those errors and determine that the elevations for these manholes should be 1371 ft.  After highlighting these manholes and selecting , the following window might be applied:

In this case, you are telling InfoAsset Planner the update value is 1371.  After clicking , you will see the 1371 value in the validation table as the Update Value.

As soon as the table is saved , you will be prompted as to whether or not the records should be officially updated.  If you selects, the update value will be applied to the InfoAsset Planner facility data and the validation record will be moved to the Reviewed table.

Validation Drop-downs Menus: The Rule ID and Not Reviewed/Reviewed drop-down menu options are also unique to the validation results table.  You should think of these simply as more easily accessible query options.  The same functionality is accessible in the full  tool.

Also note the unique fields within the validation results window:

Rule ID: The rule that triggered the violation/warning message.

Facility Type: Specifies the facility (i.e., manhole, gravity main, fitting, etc.).

Facility ID: The facility ID for the asset of which the warning was associated with.

Source Field: The field which triggered the validation rule to be violated.

Source Value: Value in the Source Field which was beyond the validation rule criteria.

Compared Values: These fields include the minimum and maximum values which were violated by the Source Value.  The Compare Values may also come from an outside source with custom validations.

Reviewed: Indicates whether the record has been selected with the Resolve Conflict tool or not.

Update Field: The field which will be used to update the Source Field.  May be the same field as the Source Field in which can the validation record is basically being ignored.

Update Value: The value within the Update Field which will overwrite the Source Value.