It's important to keep InfoAsset Planner up-to-date to utilize the software's latest features and benefits!  

Software updates are part of maintaining an active InfoAsset Planner license.  If your InfoAsset Planner maintenance is up-to-date, InfoAsset Planner updates are free to download and easy to apply.  Keeping InfoAsset Planner software up-to-date can be done simply by opening the Innovyze - Live Upgrade/Update Checker that was installed with InfoAsset Planner.

InfoAsset Planner updates can also be downloaded from the Innovyze website:

InfoAsset Planner installers are broken down into three types:

  1. Full Install - For users/machines which are downloading InfoAsset Planner for the very first time.  Please reach out to Innovyze Support ( and they can provide you with the full installer.

  2. Upgrade  - Upgrades occur when a significant feature request has been added to InfoAsset Planner.  Upgrades allow users to transition from InfoAsset Planner version 2019.1 to 2019.2 or even 2019.1 to 2019.4, for example.

  3. Updates - Updates occur when smaller changes, fixes, or other issues have been added within an InfoAsset Planner version.  Updates allow users to transition from InfoAsset Planner 2019.1 Update #0 to InfoAsset Planner 2019.1  Update #1 or 2.  If for example, a user want to upgrade from InfoAsset Planner 2019.1 to InfoAsset Planner 2019.3 Update #2, that user must first download and run the upgrade and then download and run the update.  Updates may only be applied within a single upgrade level.

To view your current InfoAsset Planner version, click the InfoAsset Planner dropdown > Help > About InfoAsset Planner.  The following screen should be visible.  Notice that you can see your current system/project database here, check for InfoAsset Planner updates, and view your own licensing details.