Facility Data can be updated from surveys, service requests, inspections, and/or work orders.

To update manholes, gravity mains, or lateral mains from survey data, select Import Facility Data from the InfoAsset Planner drop-down menu. When the manhole, gravity main, or lateral main facility types are selected, there is a Survey Import tab available as an Import Source.

Select the desired Survey Import to update the facility data from the drop-down menu. Map the Client Fields from the survey import to the facility System Field, then click Import to update facility data from the selected survey.  Notice that there is no red Facility ID field in the field mapping area.  This is because Survey Imports run through the CCTV Analysis Wizard should have already been matched to particular manholes, gravity mains, or laterals. 

To update facilities or assets from Service Requests, Inspections, or Work Orders, select the Facility Type to be updated.  Then click on the Service and Work tab. Specify if the update is from a Service Request, Inspection, or Work Order and then select the detail table from which the update is being done. Map the Client Fields from the source table to the Facility System Field. Click Import to perform the update.

Notice that for these two tab options the number of available tables to import from is limited to those items already within the project database.