InfoAsset Planner's CMMS Data Exchange is the final option available in the main InfoAsset Planner toolbar.  This CMMS Data Exchange options allows users a more integrated direct connection with select CMMS vendors who have partnered with Innovyze.

The CMMS Data Exchange is a simple window which opens up after selecting the CMMS Data Exchange icon .

Users must highlight their appropriate CMMS vendor on the left and enter in the appropriate URL, username, and password.  Note that users must have REST API access to their CMMS information in order for this CMMS Data Exchange function to work.  The REST API service is the address which InfoAsset Planner needs to be able to connect to.  It is advisable that users check with their IT and CMMS provider to determine their REST API address beforehand.

Once users have connected via REST API to their CMMS data, they may proceed to one of the work item tabs such as service request, inspection, and/or work order.  Note all CMMS services store categories of work items have been mapped to directly correspond to InfoAsset Planner's service requests, inspections, or work orders, but not every CMMS vendor has all three types available.

After connecting to the CMMS, the corresponding work items of the selected work item type are displayed in the tab.  Users can directly import this information using the Status Mapping, Type Mapping, and Import options at the bottom of the window.  This easy integration allows for the quick transfer of relevant CMMS information into the InfoAsset Planner project database.

InfoAsset Manager Data Exchange

With InfoAsset Planner versions 2019.2 and above, connection to InfoAsset Manager databases through CMMS Exchange is also possible. This enhancement allows users to more seamlessly combine operations and CMMS data from Manager and use it to fuel Planner’s analyses. InfoAsset Manager already was able to inform InfoAsset Planner and exchange information through iExchange, but this added feature makes for a better client experience. With this enhanced integration, InfoAsset clients can better leverage daily operations data for analysis, and analysis data for operations.

InfoAsset Manager 2019.2 has been configured in a similar fashion to pull resulting work orders and action items created in InfoAsset Planner. With these new work orders in InfoAsset Manager, asset managers can track the rehab suggestions from InfoAsset Planner and evaluate how conducting the optimized rehab management plan affects their network performance over time.

For any additional question or if you are a CMMS vendor who would like to partner with Innovyze, please contact us!

CityWorks REST API - Additional Info

The CityWorks REST API connection may be used with a number of different CityWorks REST API options.  See the table below for more information: