InfoAsset Planner's Smart FieldWork Manager (SFM) add-on allows for integration with ArcGIS Online, Workforce for ArcGIS, and Survey123 for ArcGIS.  Users must have an ArcGIS Online account within an organization.  With the proper integration, SFM can allow for more streamlined work management publishing and organization.


The Smart FieldWork Manager connects many different applications which all must be in sync in order for the application to function properly.  Users may only be able to take advantage of all SFM's benefits if they have access to and knowledge of:

  • InfoAsset Planner's Work Manager and all its related parts

  • An ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise account.  It cannot be a public ArcGIS Online account; it must be an ArcGIS organization account

  • Basic knowledge of and access to Workforce and Survey123 for ArcGIS.  Both of these applications are used in tandem with SFM, so if users don't understand these tools, the SFM add on functionality will be very limited.  

    In addition, the ArcGIS account being used must be at least a Level 2 account in order to access Workforce.  For more information on Workforce and Survey 123 requirements, see Workforce for ArcGIS and Survey123 for ArcGIS.

    Note that a separate download of Survey123 Connect may be required to more easily utilize SFM.

  • Field crews who are able to download at least the Workforce application to their mobile devices.  Both Workforce and Survey123 are Android and IOS compatible, however if using Android devices only the Workforce app will be necessary.  Mobile users will likely connect to Survey123 via a mobile browser.

  • Applicable projects created in Workforce and survey templates in Survey123.  InfoAsset Planner will notify users in the Message window if items such as these are missing.  Missing items will prevent the exchange of data between InfoAsset Planner and the ArcGIS applications.

SFM Toolbar

InfoAsset Planner's Smart FieldWork Manager can be accessed by adding it as a toolbar to your ArcMap interface.  Right-click in the toolbar space and navigate to 'InfoAsset Smart FieldWork Manager'.

After selecting the toolbar, it should appear in ArcMap.  

From right to left, the different options associated with this toolbar are described below:

 Main SFM Dropdown - Only function is to provide access this help page.

 Show Smart FieldWork Manager - Opens up the Smart FieldWork Manager tab within the Work Manager.  Within this tab, all work items published to Workforce may be displayed.

 WorkForce Fleet Tracker - Opens up a window to view the workers on the ArcMap display.  InfoAsset Planners can use this to track workers without leaving the InfoAsset Planner interface.

 Publish InfoAsset Planner Data - Allows users to publish data to ArcGIS online and Workforce for ArcGIS.

 ArcGIS Online Settings - Contains many options for connecting workforce item types, ArcGIS Online users within your organization, and survey forms to the correct InfoAsset Planner work item.  Many settings in this option must be configured before SFM can be fully functional.

ArcGIS Online Settings

This Online Settings dialog is crucial for SFM's connectivity and overall success.  Ideally, users will be able to simply use SFM after all the templates and connections have been set up instead of navigating between Workforce, Survey123, ArcGIS online.  In this window there are four tabs explained below.

Workforce Project - Users must be able to select a Workforce project(s) to join the database to. In this interface, users can automatically upload the service request, inspection, and work order types directly to Workforce. This helps to make the work types consistent between the Workforce project and the InfoAsset Planner database.

ArcGIS Online Users - Login IDs shown in this window come from the logins in the InfoAsset Planner System Database.  Users who have ArcGIS Online accounts in your organization may be assigned as Dispatchers or Mobile Workers.  InfoAsset Planner users can invite/assign members as dispatchers or workers directly from SFM or through Workforce online.  When invited users login to ArcGIS Online after being added, they will be prompted to join the created Workforce project as a Dispatcher or Mobile Worker.  After adding a Dispatcher or Worker, be sure to Refresh All at the bottom.

Survey123 - This tab is where users can tie Survey123 surveys to the different work item types.  It is a good idea to export survey templates using the tool in this window, and then import the .xlxs files into Survey123 using Survey Connect.  By doing this, the same fields shown in InfoAsset Planner can be edited and filled in by field crews using Survey123.  This make for consistent fields in both Survey123 and the InfoAsset Planner database.

The final tab, Workflow, allows mobile workers using Workforce to be able to create new service requests, inspections, and work orders in the field to be imported back into InfoAsset Planner.

Smart FieldWork Manager Tab

The final tab in the Work Manager window is the Smart FieldWork Manager tab.  This final tab displays service requests, inspections, and work orders which have been uploaded to Workforce for ArcGIS.  InfoAsset Planner users can see the status of the different items, the priority, and whether information from the complete work item has been imported back into InfoAsset Planner.  Many of the same toolbar options are available at the top of this tab.

The Import option will add all work items created in Workforce to the Smart FieldWork Manager tab.  Other options in this same toolbar include the ability to delete, open the Work Explorer for the select item, and zoom to the selected item. In addition, users can open the Fleet Tracker and ArcGIS Online settings from this tab as well.

Right-clicking on work items in this tab will allow users to preview data which has been input in Survey123 and retrieve this same data.  Retrieving this data will update the InfoAsset Planner database with the field crews survey from Survey123.

For more information on Workforce, Survey123, and ArcGIS Online, reference the following ESRI sources or contact Innovyze.

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