InfoAsset Planner is no longer licensed separately for Sewer and Water networks. Instead all InfoAsset Planner users have access to both types of networks (Water and Sewer) and the ability to create custom networks such as for streets, utility lines, etc. Users still must toggle back and forth between Sewer, Water, and Custom networks.  This help page documents the differences between the available network types.

When opening or creating an InfoAsset Planner project, users may select either the Sewer or Water network category and may even select a created, custom option from the Other category if desired. The custom option, Streets, Road Centerline Network, within the screenshot below was already created in this particular InfoAsset Planner database.

When an InfoAsset Planner project database is open, users can access the drop-down menu in the main InfoAsset Planner toolbar to switch categories. Switching categories will load unique facility types, Operation Center and Work Manager items, and feature classes to be displayed within the InfoAsset Planner database.

The table below summarizes the basic differences and capabilities among the three network options, Sewer, Water, and Custom.

InfoAsset Planner ToolSewerWaterCustom
Risk AnalysisXXX
Import Facility DataXXX
Work ManagerXXX
Rehab Decision Tree AnalysisXXX
Survey Import Data (CCTV Analysis)X

Valve Criticality Analysis
Baseline Replacement AnalysisXX
Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)XX