A Survey Import object contains information related to a single survey of a pipe in a particular direction. Survey Imports are only available while operating in InfoAsset Planner's Sewer network type.

Surveys are stored in InfoAsset Planner as unique datasets for each survey import.  This data structure allows InfoAsset Planner to analyze the system using any specific survey data desired.  Each CCTV Survey object, for example, may be associated with a single pipe, and each pipe may have many surveys linked to it (e.g., upstream and downstream or at different times).  Survey data can be imported via the Operation Center tab or the main InfoAsset Planner drop-down menu.

After choosing to import Survey Data, InfoAsset Planner has some flexibility in the format of data it can import.

For more information on how to import different survey import types, please see the following pages:

Importing Standard Exchange PACP Databases - These are the most common CCTV databases within the U.S.  All NASSCO approved CCTV vendors should be able to export CCTV data from their proprietary format into a Standard Exchange PACP format.  This is the ideal CCTV datatype for import into InfoAsset Planner.

Importing Non-Standard Databases - Other database types which are not Standard Exchange PACP databases, may still be imported into InfoAsset Planner.  Some non-standard database types (Wincan) are easier to import while other may require additional mapping or even preprocessing before being able to be imported into InfoAsset Planner as a survey import.

Importing Other Survey Data - Survey data does not need to be in a specific format (.mdb, .xml, etc.) in order to be imported as CCTV data.  Tabular data, so long as it has the required fields and can be read by ArcMap, can be imported as survey import data into InfoAsset Planner.  Excel data, other attribute tables, or other data exports are good examples where this might be necessary.

Importing Manhole CCTV Data - Most survey import types are specific to the gravity main facility type, however, manholes may also have CCTV survey data associated to them.  NASSCO's MACP is the only built-in survey standard within InfoAsset Planner currently.  This import process is very similar to the gravity mains survey import process.

Importing Lateral CCTV Data - NASSCO's LACP is the only built-in survey standard for the lateral lines facility type.  Like manholes, laterals lines' survey import process is very similar to that of gravity mains.

Linear Reference System - Similar to a Non-Standard PACP import, this option allows users to import survey data from any survey source. With this option, you can import surveys for linear facility types other than Gravity Mains (e.g. Pressurized Mains, Roads, etc.).

Electro Scan Databases - Electro Scan survey data may be imported to InfoAsset Planner via Rest-API connection to the user's Electro Scan database. With InfoAsset version 2020.3. users can import Electro Scan FELL data for their water distribution pressurized mains.