A pounded area is a group of network elements that would have to be isolated via system valves should one or more of the pipes fail within that group.

This first step in the wizard operates via spatial joins.  Spatial joins are conducted between pressurized mains (end-to-end to verify connectivity) and between pressurized mains and system valves.  No other data is used in this step. Because pressurized mains are joined end-to-end, crossing pipes which do not intersect in reality should not be mistakenly joined together. The tolerance used for these spatial joins can be found in the InfoAsset Planner > Settings... option in the Tolerance tab.

Establish Pounded Area - defines what part of the water system will be evaluated:

Facility Scope

  • Full Network - Evaluate the entire water system.
  • Facility Selection - Evaluate a section of the water system. Define by using the Facility Selection Tool.
  • Zone - Evaluate based on a zone which is defined in the Zone field of the Pressurized pipes.

Ignore Dead Ends - If item is selected, dead ends will not be evaluated in the evaluation.  You might want to ignore single, dead end pipes to speed up the spatial join process and limit the number of pounded areas.