Source Data building blocks are the input data in a Data Miner analysis.  Source Data can come from a variety of sources both within and outside of the InfoAsset Planner project database.  There is no hard limit on the amount of source data users could include in a single Data Miner.  Larger data sources may include longer computing times, however.  There are six types of Source Data blocks which are described below.

Right-clicking on a Source Data building block will display the following options.  

Enter Parameter - Allows users to change the specific source data selected based on the type of Source Data building block.  Double-clicking will by default open up the Enter Parameters dialog box.

Edit Calculated Fields - Users may add custom fields within the Data Miner and program calculated values into these fields with this option.

Preview Data - Opens up of preview of the data stored within the selected building block.

Rename - Users may rename each building block.

Delete - Removes the building block.

Six Types of Source Data

Facility Data Input: Facility Data includes all the attribute data associated with an individual facility type.  For this type, first choose a Facility Type (gravity mains, pressurized mains, manholes, fittings, etc.) and then quickly apply a query if desired.  Model Parameters can be applied in either of these initial options to allow for quick customization and flexibility.

If the Additional Data checkbox is checked, you can join calculated analysis results to the Facility Source Data as well.  Examples of this include risk, rehab, and CCTV or VCM data analysis.  Once the analysis table has been selected and joined, you can choose which specific fields to append to the Facility Data for further analysis.  You can add many tables and fields to the base facility type dataset to create a very flexible data source for their Data Miner analysis.

Analysis Results: Allows you to access analysis result tables from the InfoAsset Planner project database.  First, you specify the Facility Type of the analysis, the Analysis Result Type (Risk, CoF, LoF, Point Defects, Final Rehab Summary, etc.), and then the actual Analysis ID.  These are the same tables which can be joined in the Facility Data Input option.

Service Request/Inspection/Work Order Data: These three options give you access to any analysis tables from InfoAsset Planner’s Work Manager window. You can select from many tables related to their Work Manager information and query based on Active vs. Archived Work Manager data.

Other Data Input: Opens all ArcGIS tables and feature classes as Source Data for the Data Miner.  You can simply use the ArcGIS explorer to select any tables, feature classes, or shapefiles for InfoAsset Planner to read and utilize within the Data Miner.