After running a Risk analysis, there are three risk result reports available.  These reports are saved in the InfoAsset Planner project database as attribute tables and may be exported.

The first report which is immediately generated after completing a risk analysis is the Risk Report.  This report shows the COFs/LOFs used in the risk analysis, the three different fields to evaluate risk, and some general facility information.

 COF/LOF Details - Toggles on and off COF and LOF details.

 COF/LOF Contribution - These pie charts do not show the weighing of COF/LOF factors in the risk analysis, but instead show the proportion each COF/LOF had in comparison the the total COF sum.

COF and LOF Matrix - Displays where the facilities were placed in the Risk Matrix.  You can easily click on a bin in the matrix and zoom to or select the assets within the bin.

To access the other two risk reports or retrieve the main Risk Report at any time, right-click on the Risk analysis in the Operation Center and click on Reports to choose the report to be viewed.

Risk Summary

The Risk Summary report summarizes the data from the Risk Report into the five different Risk (By Grading) categories.  The example below is for gravity mains.

 Show Details - Queries the Risk Report and shows all the assets in the specified Risk (By Grading) category.

 Risk Distribution - Opens a pie chart displaying the relative distribution of assets according to what Risk (By Grading) category they were placed in.

Risk by Zone

The Risk by Zone report manipulates the data based on the Zone field specified by the user.  The risk by zone option may be a good report to compare pressure zones, streets, or any other field which can be used to delineate groups of assets.  It averages elements relative to the total number within the particular zone.