Vertical assets may have risk analysis performed on them just like any InfoAsset Planner facility type.  Risk analysis results from vertical assets may also be incorporated into their parent facilities or assets.

In the Analysis tab of the Operation Center window, you may use the drop-down option to navigate to the desired vertical asset type.  Once selected, COFs, LOFs, and Risk analyses may be created for an individual vertical asset type.

After creating COFs/LOFs in vertical assets, these COF and LOF scores may be incorporated into their parent assets.  When running a risk analysis for a parent asset, you will see five built in COF/LOF options boxed below:

These five options under the manually created COFs and LOFs relate to the vertical assets.  You may add the sum, max, average, median, or mode from the vertical asset COF/LOFs associated to the parent facility to the risk analysis.  Depending on the COF/LOFs assigned to the vertical assets associated to this parent asset, the parent risk analysis could include different sets of risk results.  Risk analyses tables including one of these default vertical analysis options might look similar to the one below.