Reports may contain a variety of tabular information from the InfoAsset Planner database.  This page will describe some of the unique reports and their specific tools. 

Many different tabular reports may be stored within the InfoAsset Planner database and viewed within the Dashboard interface.  Reports may be displayed from several locations within InfoAsset Planner, but all may be stored within the Operation Center > Toolbox tab.

Reports saved under this drop-down menu must have unique IDs and may have descriptions with no character restrictions.  You may delete, edit, or run reports to see them again.  Facilities within a particular report may be added to the map as an ArcMap Selection with the final dropdown option.

An open report will look similar to the example below.

Different reports may display different sets of buttons in the report toolbar.  The example above is a report displaying gravity main risk results.  Its buttons are described below. 

Risk Report Buttons

 Refresh - Refreshes the results.

  Show all Records - Displays all records within the table.

  Show selected Records - Displays only the ArcMap selected records.

 Save - Saves the report.  Be sure to save the report if anything has been changed and not the overall dashboard.

Save As - Save as a stored report.  Be sure to use this option to save the report and not the overall dashboard.

Export - Exports reports as an Excel, PDF, or CSV file.

 Query Builder - Displays the current data query and access Query Builder dialog box.

 Zoom To - Zooms to the selected feature in report.

 Add to ArcMap Selection - Apply an ArcMap selection on features selected in report.

 COF/LOF Contribution - Show the contribution of COF and LOF, respectively, in a pie chart.

 COF and LOF Matrix - Displays where the facilities were placed in the Risk Matrix.

  COF/LOF Details - Toggles on and off COF and LOF details.