InfoAsset Planner can leverage its analysis capabilities and imported data into actionable decisions for each asset based on your desired logic with a rehabilitation plan. The rehabilitation or rehab plan consists of a customizable decision tree which can view analysis results, associated GIS data, and even defect-by-defect inspections to assign actions to assets.

Rehab plans are in some respects the culmination of an InfoAsset Planner project.  You have imported GIS information, CCTV or CMMS data, and other tabular information into the project.  Then analyses such as baseline replacement cost, survey import analysis, valve criticality analysis, COFs/LOFs, risk, deterioration modeling are conducted within the project.  Finally, once all this data has been accumulated and organized, users can implement their existing organizational logic within a rehab plan.  Rehab plans are made to be as flexible as possible and consume many different types of data. To view example of how different InfoAsset Planner rehab decision trees can be, see our knowledge base article with rehab decision tree library.

InfoAsset Planner's rehab plan tool is located at the bottom of the Operation Center window in the Analysis tab.  You may right-click on the drop-down menu to create a new rehab plan.  Many different rehab plans with unique results may be stored independently here.

Creating a Rehab PlanLike other items within InfoAsset Planner, rehab plans contain a short wizard describing some of the main data inputs.  Rehab plans require a risk analysis in order to run. The selected risk analysis is not actually required to be used in the actual decision tree, but it is a prerequisite to create the rehab plan.

Editing a Rehab Decision TreeWithin the rehabilitation decision tree workspace there are many options for creating customized rehab logic.  Decision trees are composed of a starting block, followed by flexible condition statements which direct the assets according to your logic to end statements. End statements are Rehab Actions that you define within the Rehab Actions and Costs interface.

Rehabilitation Plan ResultsAfter running a rehabilitation plan analysis, each asset included in the rehab plan should have a defined rehab action. Rehab results will automatically be displayed showing how each asset went through the decision tree to arrive at the particular rehab action.

Budget PlanThe budget plan option helps you find the optimal time period for implementing and prioritizing the assigned rehab actions. You should have accurate cost information as well as a well-defined rehab plan before running this analysis.