After clicking Run in the rehabilitation decision tree window, the Rehabilitation Summary report will automatically be shown. This special table is described below.

The Rehabilitation Summary report is shown in the screenshots below. The fields and unique button options available to this important report are described below the two screenshots. The screenshots show the same table, but there are a number of important fields to show.

Rehabilitation Summary - Special Tools

The the report toolbar, a number of unique tools are available for further user investigation.

 Show Details - If a record is selected, clicking this button will allows you to view all the individual rehab methods which are a part of the rehab action assigned to the facility.  So if a pipe assigned to the rehab action 'Defect Repair and Lining' was selected with this tool, an additional tab might appear which shows the details of the 'Defect Repair' and 'Lining' rehab methods.  The screenshot below show this with the rehab action 'CCTV Long Term' and rehab method 'CCTV'.

 Facility Condition Assessment - Displays the internal view and associated defects for the selected pipe or manhole.

 Decision Tree Branches - Displays the associated decision tree used to generate the results.  May display details for how each facility was directed to each end statement.

In addition to the extra toolbar buttons, this report also contains unique right-click options.

Lock/Unlock - You may lock or unlock particular records.  If a record is locked, the suggested rehab action will not change even if new data is imported into the InfoAsset Planner database which may change its result.

Create Work Orders/Inspections - You may create work items directly from this window with these options.  These different work items will be added to the Work Manager window once created.  It is important that you specify the work orders and/or inspections related to each work item in the Rehab Actions and Costs interface before taking this step.  This is a great way to bundle pipe-by-pipe rehab actions.  For more information on this topic, see our Knowledge Base and User Forum resources.

Show Work Orders/Inspections - Highlights the associated work orders in the Work Manager window.

Rehabilitation Summary - Field Descriptions

Important fields included in the Rehabilitation Summary report are listed and described below.

Rehab Actions - Show the rehab action assigned to the facility by the rehab decision tree.  You may directly edit this with the dropdown arrow if desired.  When the rehab action is changed and the Rehabilitation Summary report is saved, the associated costs will update to the new rehab action.

New Material - If a material replacement option was specified the new material will be shown here.

Reason/Flowchart Branch - These two cells describe the reason the facility was assigned to the final rehab action and the path the facility took through the decision tree.

Number of Rehab - Indicates the number of rehab methods assigned as part of the final rehab action.

Total Cost - The total cost of completing the rehab action and its associated rehab methods.  These costs are derived from the Rehab Actions and Costs interface.

Draft Cost - The cost of completing the defect-by-defect rehab methods on the facility.  This cost is calculated in the last step of the Survey Import Analysis Wizard and is not related to the rehab decision tree.  Generally, this cost should be greater than the Total Cost if the facility contained survey import data.

Work Order/Inspection ID - These fields indicate if a work order or inspection was created.  Records with which a inspection or work order has been created will by default lock and the record will be highlighted red.

Comments - Comments from the comment blocks in the rehab decision tree will be shown here.  These fields are fully editable in this table.

Pending Rerun - This field's purpose is to indicate the presence of new survey import data which could affect the suggested rehab action.  This field will be flagged with a '1' if the following conditions are met in order:

  1. You have run the rehabilitation plan once already.
  2. Pipes or manholes are locked in the Rehabilitation Summary report.
  3. You bring in new survey import data into the survey import dataset associated with the rehabilitation plan.
  4. After importing the new inspections, the survey import dataset is run through the Survey Import Analysis Wizard.  The pipes or manholes which were locked now have new inspections which are considered 'Active'.
  5. The Rehabilitation Summary table is reopened.  The records which are locked and have new, active survey import inspections associated to them should be flagged in this field.

Note that 'Pending Rerun' is the field alias for this field.  'Invalid' is the true field name which corresponds to the checkbox option in Step 1 of the Rehabilitation Planning wizard.

Locked - The field which records whether a record is locked or unlocked.  Locked records cannot be change if the rehab decision tree is rerun.

Review Needed/Reviewed - Fields which may be used to record manual reviewing of Rehabilitation Summary reports.

If this report is closed, it can be reopened again at any time.  Right-click on Rehabilitation Plan in Operation Center, select Reports > Rehabilitation Summary.  You may also open the Rehabilitation Plan report or the Budget Plan

The Rehabilitation Plan report shows the rehab methods which are associated to the rehab actions shown in the Rehabilitation Summary report.  It is a more detailed report.

The Budget Plan report is generated by running the Budget Plan tool.  It helps you decide how future rehab projects might be prioritized to fit with future budget restrictions.

Rehabilitation Plan Results

Rehabilitation Results are available from Facility Explorer in a new tab called Rehab as shown below.