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Projects may be used to consolidate and bundle collections of work orders and/or inspections.

The Project tab is similar to the Catch Bin in that little information is actually added to the InfoAsset Planner database or associated to the facility data.  The benefit of the Project tab is the ability to bundle collections of both work orders and inspections together and see the project and it's work item components in a simple Gantt chart.

The toolbar at the top of the Project tab contains the same refresh, create new, delete, etc. options like the other tabs.  If you right-click the individual work orders or inspections in the bottom section of the Project tab, the same right-click options appear as in the Work Order or Inspection tab.  For information on this toolbar or right-click options, see the Inspection or Work Order page.

If you right-click a project ID, the following right-click options will appear:

Show Explorer - Opens up the Work Explorer window so you can view all the attributes of the project and make edits.  The bottom list will also update to show only the work items included in the selected project.

Schedule Chart - Here is where you can view a simple Gantt chart displaying the schedule of the included work orders and inspections.  This Gantt chart is for quick viewing and access.

Actions - This option is similar to the Actions option for individual work order and inspections.  A project must be 'Submitted To' an InfoAsset Planner user from the associated system database.  Once it is submitted, the assigned user will see the project as 'Active' and may choose to edit the project to either put it on hold, complete it, or cancel it.

Archive/Unarchive - Use this option to toggle projects between the Active and Archived tables.

Add to Catch Bin - Adds all the work items included in the project to the Catch Bin tab.

Delete - Deletes the project and any associated work items.

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