Unlike gravity mains, pressurized mains have a more simplified Rehab Method structure without the option to add distinct properties. This is similar to other assets and facilities and is due to the lack of survey data.

The Pressurized Main Rehab Actions and Costs interface works very similarly to Rehab Actions and Costs for gravity mains in the Sewer network.  See Rehab Actions and Costs for more info. 

With the Linear Reference System import tool, survey data for pressurized mains is available for cost analysis. The same Repair Properties options from the Sewer network are available in this interface. Rehab Methods can be assigned to the individual defect length (if the condition information is available) or they can be assigned to the Full Pipe for surveys in which the condition information is not present.

You should also note the costing unit changes depending on whether you are in the Sewer or Water network.  In the Sewer network, gravity mains may be costed based on six unit types, but pressurized mains may only be costed based on two unit types.  In the Water network, it is reversed; pressurized mains may be costed based on six unit types, while gravity mains only have access to two.