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Pipe Redundancy uses a loop finding algorithm to trace redundant pipe connections that make it possible to isolate damaged pipes and minimize loss of service to cutoff areas.

The Pipe Redundancy > Calculate Pipe Redundancy feature can be found in the Analysis tab of the Operation Center when selecting the Tools menu.  This tool is available for any link/pipe facility feature.

No additional windows will open after running this tool. InfoAsset Planner will determine pipe redundancy in the background using a looping algorithm.  Pipes must have their To/From Structure fields mapped and populated in order for this feature to work accurately.

Pipes that are redundant will be assigned a value of "2" while non-redundant pipes will be assigned a value of "1". This redundancy value can be viewed for all pipes using the DB Editor and for the selected pipe in the Facility Explorer.  The redundancy field is simply a new attribute table field.  There will very likely be more redundant pipes in pressurized systems compared to gravity main systems as there are fewer loops in gravity main systems.