Output Blocks tell the Data Miner how the result in the connected data node should be exported.  Output Blocks must be connected to building blocks containing data; they cannot be connected to tools.  Output Blocks can be created and connected at any data node in the Data Miner and different Output Blocks can be generated from a single node.  The three types of Output Blocks are described below.

Like all other blocks, outputs will only be highlighted when they are corrected appropriately.  When you right-click on them, the only options available are to change the output parameters or delete the block.

Output Block Types

Save as Facility Selection: Allows you to output the selected node as a static Facility Selection.  This output tool allows you to append the results to the existing Facility Selection by typing in an existing Facility ID, or you can create a new Facility Selection.

Export Table: This option exports a table of the results into the Dashboard.  This table is added to the InfoAsset Planner database as an attribute table and can be leveraged in other InfoAsset Planner analyses outside of the Data Miner. Within the InfoAsset Planner project database, these export tables can be found by searching for the 'IMIC_DataMiner' prefix followed by the export table ID.  The ID may contain only text with no spaces, but the Description may contain any type of text, spaces, and characters.

After a table is generated with a Data Miner, it can quickly be accessed by right-clicking on the Data Miner and selecting the desired export table.

Select with ArcMap Selection: Output method selects the desired feature classes as an ArcMap Selection.  Any shapefile or feature class can be selected using this method; attribute tables or other objects without geometry cannot be selected with this tool.  ArcMap Selections can either be appended or cleared and overwritten with the latest selection.

Export Feature Class: This final method creates feature class outputs generated by the user with the Data Miner tools. The feature classes are stored within the InfoAsset Planner database.