The message and results viewer is used to view general messages as well as validation results.  

This Message and Results Window can be utilized as a floating dialog box or window as part of the ArcGIS 10.x environment. The idea of the message and results viewer is to provide quick access to general analysis and error messages from InfoAsset Planner such as those shown in the screenshot below.

Messages include:

  • Operations that have been performed

  • Completion of saving data

  • Errors when irregularities are found in importing data
  • General messages about the software. For any message that is not understood please contact Innovyze Support (

Note that the message center will be wiped clean after closing ArcMap/InfoAsset Planner. It will begin again when the InfoAsset Planner project is reopened. It is good practice to dock the Message window in a corner of your interface when working in InfoAsset Planner.