Manhole Defect Codes can be found by using the Survey Standard option in the Defect Codes table.  The only pre-loaded standard manhole survey standard is the NASSCO MACP standard.

The Manhole Defect Codes table contains similar fields and options as the Pipe Defect Codes table which are described below:

Unique Defect Code Table Options

 Reset  - Even if you change and save your CCTV tables to customize them, the tables can always return to the default InfoAsset Planner template options with Reset.  

 Survey Standard - InfoAsset Planner currently only includes one CCTV standard for manholes, NASSCO's MACP.  This is the only drop-down option.

 Active Version Dropdown - NASSCO PACP standards have gone through multiple iterations.  InfoAsset Planner can update the Defect Codes table to match previous PACP standards dating back to NASSCO PACP 6.0.2.  InfoAsset Planner's default "Custom Defined" table is Innovyze's attempt to reconcile all these different NASSCO PACP versions into a single table.  Because of this, the "Custom Defined" table is NOT NASSCO standardized.  It contains defect codes from old and new standards.  You should carefully review any Defect Codes table, particularly this "Custom Defined" table, before running the Survey Analysis Wizard.

The "Custom Defined" table option is also a good template for you if you want to customize your scoring analysis with their own preferences.  By using this table, you still have the readily available option to switch back and forth between their custom scoring and a recent NASSCO scoring standard.


Field Descriptions

For the manhole table, every field has an influence in terms of how each defect is evaluated.  Therefore, you should take care to not only to make sure the correct codes are in the table, but that they also have the correct field values as these can play a key role in how survey data is geocoded, scored on the manhole, and assigned to the Draft Rehab Plan.  It is not advisable to add/remove columns from any Defect Code table.  Many of the columns work similarly to fields in the Gravity Main Defect Codes table.  

Defect Code - See Gravity Main Rehab Actions and Costs field description.

Default Score - See Gravity Main Rehab Actions and Costs field description.

Type - See Gravity Main Rehab Actions and Costs field description.

Description/Comments - See Gravity Main Rehab Actions and Costs field description.

Rehab Method - See Gravity Main Rehab Actions and Costs field description.

Clock Pos. Grade 1, 2, 3, 4 - See Gravity Main Rehab Actions and Costs  field description.

Value % Grade 1, 2, 3, 4 - See Gravity Main Rehab Actions and Costs field description.

Alternative Method/Alter. Rehab Cutoff - See Gravity Main Rehab Actions and Costs  field description.

Bench Rehab, Channel Rehab, Chimney Exterior Rehab, etc - These fields dictate the potential Rehab Method change depending on where the defect code appears on the manhole.  For example, the table below shows that a 'CL' defect code normally receives a Rehab Method of 'Lining'.  However, if the defect appears in the 'Channel' of the manhole, a 'POINT REPAIR' is suggested.  All of these different areas of the manhole are specified in the Manhole Component ID field in the Manhole Conditions table.  See the table below to review which long names correspond to which NASSCO MACP abbreviations.

Manhole Component

Abbreviation Code

Chimney ExteriorCME
Chimney InteriorCMI
Cone ExteriorCOE
Cone InteriorCOI
Wall ExteriorWE
Wall InteriorWI