For Lateral Line Defect Codes, the buttons and fields are exactly like the buttons and NASSCO PACP fields within the Gravity Main Defect Codes table. 

The only difference between the lateral line facility type and gravity main facility type is the amount of survey standards available.  For lateral lines, only NASSCO's LACP standard is available.  Version tables for LACP range from 6.0.2 to 7.0.7 just like the Pipe Defect Codes table.  A 'Custom Defined' table is available for additional customization and for reconciling CCTV inspections from different LACP versions.

The "Custom Defined" table option is also a good template for you if you want to customize your scoring analysis with their own preferences.  By using this table, you still have the readily available option to switch back and forth between their custom scoring and a recent NASSCO scoring standard.