InfoMaster has been Innovyze's flagship ESRI-based asset management solution for a number of years.  In this time, it has gone through a number of iterations.  See the links below for access to the InfoMaster helpfile and specific updates which were included in the more recent InfoMaster versions.  Note that these links take you out of InfoAsset Planner help documentation and into InfoMaster 8.5 help documentation.

InfoMaster 7.6  An enhanced graphing and reporting interface was added to allow for a more streamlined data export process.

InfoMaster 8.0 - Key updates included the reorganization of the Analysis tab in the Operation Center and simplification of the statistical Deterioration Models.

InfoMaster 8.1 - Overall few interface changes in this release; however, the InfoMaster engine was upgraded to handle more CCTV inspections with much greater efficiency.

InfoMaster 8.5 - Added the Data Miner feature for greater data customization, a batch run process, and an improved Rehab Action-Method-Cost interface.