An InfoAsset Planner project includes a number of different components which are described below:

At a minimum, an InfoAsset Planner project consists of a:

  • Project database
  • System database
  • 'Project map'.mxd
  • 'Project map'.mxd.xml

If the project has background layers (e.g., reference tables, railroad or street feature classes, parcel polygons, etc.), then you can have these reside in the project database, in a separate geodatabase(s), or as individual tables or shapefiles. 

The following are the four main components of an InfoAsset Planner project:

Project Database

The project database contains the following InfoAsset Planner project data: facility elements, rehabilitation analysis, CCTV analysis, and work manager items.  Almost all necessary information is stored within this project database.  The only items not within this database may include background information.  If InfoAsset Planner technical support is ever needed, the project database is likely the only project component required by Innovyze Support in order to see all the necessary client information.

System Database

The system database is used to store the login information for one or more InfoAsset Planner projects.  You only need a single system database to open multiple InfoAsset Planner projects.  In addition, this database stores default folder locations.  This database is separate from the project database and they should not be combined.  No project information is stored within this database.  For more information on the difference between project and system databases, please see the Knowledge Base and User Forum.

Project .mxd

The .mxd file is the ESRI map document associated with the InfoAsset Planner project.  This map document stores information such as what layers will be displayed, the symbology of the layers, and the layer drawing order.  Additionally, this map document stores the file paths to these layers.

Project .mxd.xml

The .mxd.xml is used by the InfoAsset Planner software to relate the system database, project database, and .mxd file once an InfoAsset Planner project is saved.  This file generally never needs to be opened or edited and is always saved in the same location as the .mxd.