The Project Prioritization tool has a new feature that will allow you to split and group polygons under the Spatial Relationship (see below) drop-down menu. 

Polygon Project Boundary - You can group facilities into a project based on polygons with this new Spatial Relationship drop-down menu option. Project polygon layer will act as a boundary. You can view more on this topic with this hyperlink: The Project Prioritization Settings and Workspace.

  • Batch Run - You can include Project Prioritization in your Batch Run processes, without running it separately.
  • Define project boundaries using a line feature - Another enhancement to the Project Prioritization workflow is the ability to clip projects based on line features (e.g., roads) by selecting a line shapefile in your Connectivity dialog box. For more information, please refer to Creating a new Project Prioritization Flow Chart. View step 6.

New Basic License Tier - In an effort to make InfoAsset Planner more accessible to customers with smaller systems, we have introduced a "Basic Tier" subscription. With this basic tier subscription, customers with systems that are <50 miles in total can do basic risk analysis and asset prioritization – replace their spreadsheet driven processes, which are inherently error-prone. You can view more on this new licensing structure from this hyperlink: InfoAsset Planner Tiers and Guides.

Rehab Results tab - You can now view facility specific rehab information within the Facilities Explorer window. For more information, click on this link: Rehabilitation Plan Results. Please view the bottom of the page for the new section on Rehab Results.

NASSCO Version 7 Support – InfoAsset Planner has added support. NASSCO version 7 and version 2020.2 has been officially certified by NASSCO.

ArcGIS Online Dashboard publishing – Users can now easily publish data from InfoAsset Planner to ArcGIS online, allowing them to create dashboards to better facilitate collaboration with the wider team.

InfoAsset Manager Integration – Key improvements have been made to the InfoAsset Manager integration. For a full list, please check out our full release notes.