1. CMMS Exchange tool -  The exchange tool has been improved to provide a more seamless transfer of data between CMMS systems such as Lucity and Cityworks, and the InfoAsset Planner database. Data import from InfoAsset Manager has also been added as an option within CMMS Exchange. Learn more under the CMMS Data Exchange Improvements section.

  2. Stream CCTV Videos in the Cloud -  With InfoAsset Planner 2019.2 you will be able to link online videos to individual CCTVs by assigning a URL within the Condition Assessment Window and/or the Media Conditions CCTV table.

  3. Create Custom Feature Classes in Data Miner - Custom feature class creation is now available within the Data Miner tool. You can use the "Export Feature Class" option as a configurable output to obtain map layers with information such as Risk, CCTV, Rehab Actions, feature attributes and other types of data within the InfoAsset Planner database.

  4. CCTV Standard Updates: Multiple versions of Australian CCTV standard WSA05 are now supported by InfoAsset Planner.