1. New Licensing Structure - Innovyze wanted to makes its asset management solutions more accessible to more clients so a new tiered licencing structure for InfoAsset Planner was released.  This new licensing structure removes the Water/Sewer/Suite licensing options which were available in InfoMaster and opens the licensing up to so that all InfoAsset Planner users can model water, sewer or custom networks.

    In addition, previous InfoMaster extensions like Smart Field Work Manager, Work Management System, and Life Cycle Cost Analysis, have been incorporated into InfoAsset Planner's new tiered licensing structure and are no longer separate extensions.  The inclusion of these previous extensions gives added analytics capabilities to InfoAsset Planner.  For information on these added tools, see InfoAsset Planner Tiers and Guides

    For more information on this new licensing structure, please reach out to your regional client sales manager.

  2. Expanded Decision Tree Capabilities - This was a highly popular client feature request we here at Innovyze are very excited to provide!  The rehabilitation decision tree tool was previously was limited to only specific facility types has now been expanded to all default facility types, custom facility types, and vertical assets.  Costing and Rehab Method/Action capabilities has also been included for all features with decision tree capabilities.

  3. Enhanced Vertical Asset Support - Vertical assets can now be included as separate facility selections.

Note that will the move from InfoMaster to InfoAsset Planner, ArcMap 10.3 and above is required to run the software. InfoMaster is compatible with ArcMap versions 10.1 - 10.6; InfoAsset Planner is compatible with versions 10.3 - 10.7.

Please contact Innovyze Support (support@innovyze.com) with any questions you have about the latest update!