Lateral line CCTV data may also be imported as a survey import and added as information for the lateral line facility type.  The import process is almost identical to importing CCTV data to gravity mains.

In the Analysis tab of the Operation Center window with Lateral Line selected from the drop-down menu, you can import Lateral CCTV surveys by the following procedure:

  1. Right-click on Survey Data Import and select New.  Unlike pipes and manholes, inspection data cannot be imported via the main InfoAsset Planner drop-down menu.

  2. Next, choose the Survey Standard of the data to be imported and click OK.  There is only one survey standard for lateral lines, NASSCO's LACP.

  3. Assign an ID and description for this new survey import just like gravity main and manhole imports.  The options for importing lateral line survey data are also very similar to gravity mains.  The only difference is that the WinCan option has been removed.

  4. After clicking Next, the three panel Import Lateral Line Survey Data window is nearly identical to the gravity main window.  Some items to pay attention to include the following:

    • For the LACP_Inspections table's field mappings, InfoAsset Planner asks for PACP Inspection ID and Pipe Segment Reference.  These fields should indicate the trunk pipe and inspection the lateral comes out of.

    • Lateral inspections are tied to the Lateral Line facility via the Lateral Segment Reference field.  This is a required field which should match up with the unique Lateral line facility ID.

    • Unique lateral inspections are generated based off of unique combinations of Lateral Segment Reference, Date, Time, and Direction.

    • The LACP_Conditions table is identical and works exactly like the gravity mains Conditions table.  The same NASSCO defects codes are used for laterals as are used for gravity mains.

  5. Once the Import Lateral Line Survey Data window is set, click Import and review associated messages and errors.