InfoAsset Planner is the Innovyze asset management successor to InfoWater/InfoSWMM/InfoSewer CapPlan.  This import tool is useful for you to migrate from the older CapPlan extension to InfoAsset Planner.

Below are the steps to import into InfoAsset Planner:

  1. Find the Import option under the main InfoAsset Planner drop-down menu.

  2. Click the ellipsis button and navigate to the .mxd file for the associate project.

  3. After choosing the project and selecting OK, InfoAsset Planner will prompt you to select the items they want imported from the old model into InfoAsset Planner.

  4. Select the desired items and then click Import. InfoAsset Planner will attempt to import all items and will notify you by signalling with either a green checkmark or yellow warning.

    It is only recommended to import this way if you have legacy CapPlan models.  Otherwise, GIS import processes should be used.