HTML Reports are viewed in your local browser and stored as HTML documents and images.

HTML reports are created in the InfoAsset Planner Operation Center Toolbox tab and are displayed in your default web browser.  To create a new report, right-click on HTML Report.

After naming and describing the new report, a series of wizards similar to the Dashboard interface for graphs will be displayed and you can select the desired report type.  After clicking Next > through the wizard, the report will be generated and displayed. 

In the wizard step shown below, an Advanced Options button is available which allows you to access the following options.

  • Advanced Options are not available for Valve Criticality Summary reports as the report is generated before you reach this step in the wizard.

Advanced Options

HTML reports can be customized to display only specific information and be formatted to the user’s preference.  When in the Dataset Selection wizard, click on Advanced Options to customize the HTML report and open the window shown below.  In this window, you can rename the report title and description, select a logo, and alter the report path URL.  The report path URL is where the final report will be located once it has been generated. 

The Advanced Options will display a number of tabs that you may adjust.  These are described below.

Diagrams/Selections The availability of these tabs will vary depending on the report chosen.  The tick box options control which features will be included in the HTML report.

Include - This tab is only available in the rehabilitation summary report.  It also contains tick boxes which control which Rehab Actions should be included in the report.

Map Extent -  This tab only available in the risk report details what map extent should be included.

Design -  This tab is within both report types, but with different interfaces.  It details what colors the different report elements should be.  


Extras -  This tab toggles pipe defect images in the rehabilitation plan report.