Certain facilities in InfoAsset Planner have slightly different options when working in the Rehab Actions and Costs interface. The following page describes the unique characteristics of the gravity mains feature class in this interface.

Because the gravity mains in the Sewer network have the option to import survey data, additional properties can be specified for this facility type in order to produce more accurate rehab suggestions and cost calculations.

For this facility type, Rehab Method properties are available to adjust in the bottom-left corner of the Rehab Method/Cost Component tab.

For the gravity main facility type, these properties may affect how each Rehab Method is applied.  

  • Description – No character restrictions for any description given to any Rehab Method.

  • Full Pipe  Determines whether the rehab method is applied to the full pipe length or solely the localized defect(s).

  • Connection Cost  Determines whether the LATERAL REINSTATEMENT cost should be applied.

  • Rehab. Buffer Width – Allows you the ability to specify a buffer for Rehab Methods.  For example, if a point repair is specified for a 5ft defect, should the repair only be applied to the 5ft or should a 2ft buffer be added to each side bringing the total repair length to 9ft?

  • Rehab. Merge Width – Determines whether certain rehab methods should be merged into one Rehab Method or remain two separate methods.  For example, if two 5ft point repairs are 3ft apart, and the Rehab Merge Width is 3ft or more, they will be merged into a single point repair of 13 ft.

  • Allow Merge – Controls whether the merging of Rehab Methods should be allowed to follow Rehab Buffer Width and Rehab Merge Width rules.

You should also note the costing unit changes depending on whether you are in the Sewer or Water network.  In the Sewer network, gravity mains may be costed based on six unit types, but pressurized mains may only be costed based on two unit types.  In the Water network, it is reversed; pressurized mains may be costed based on six unit types, while gravity mains only have access to two.