InfoAsset Planner Help Documentation infoassetplanner

Below are a number of downloadable resources for getting started in InfoAsset Planner.

  1. IAP Data Requirements, Suggestions, and Hardware Specs - This brief document contains some general guidelines in terms of data InfoAsset Planner users typically have access to before InfoAsset Planner implementation. In addition, suggestions are provided in terms of CoFs and LoFs. Note that unlike InfoMaster, InfoAsset Planner is only compatible with ArcMap versions 10.3 and above.

  2. InfoAsset Planner Implementation Options - This short Powerpoint diagrams the three main ways InfoAsset Planner is often implemented in a customer's GIS ecosystem. A basic Logical Architecture document is also provided with discussion on what format to store InfoAsset Planner. For more information on InfoAsset Planner as an enterprise level or file geodatabase, see the InfoAsset Planner as an Enterprise Database section of the Help.

  3. InfoAsset Planner User Guide - This user guide will cover the basic topics in InfoAsset Planner and user example data to walk users through a short tutorial of the software. This guide is recommended for users who are new to InfoAsset Planner and want step by step instructions on how to create an InfoAsset Planner project and analyses.