Facility tables store information pertaining to the objects within the InfoAsset Planner project geodatabase.  The tables included in this group vary based upon the project database used. You can easily add or remove fields within facility tables.  

A few key notes about the data that is found here:

  • The tables here are for all feature classes which are identified as facility types.

  • When using the default template database; for example, if a Create New InfoAsset Planner project was used to create the project database, facility table datasets would match those from ESRI's LGIM structure.

  • Fields within the facility tables should exactly match the attribute table fields.  When changes are made and saved within the DB Editor facility tables, they should immediately be reflected within the raw attribute table and vice versa.

Please refer to the ESRI and their support resources for more information on geodatabases, feature datasets, and feature classes.