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A Facility Selection is a saved group of elements.  Facility Selections can be used in many InfoAsset Planner tools to run analysis on only specific parts of a particular facility.

Facility Selections can be saved and created from within the Toolbox tab of the Operation Center.  Right-clicking on the main drop-down menu allows you to create new facility selections.  Right-clicking on saved facility selections allows you to edit saved selections, clone selections, highlight/un-highlight selections on the map, or convert facility selections to ArcMap selections.

If you create a new facility selection, the following window will appear.  You must specify the type of facility types to be included in this facility selection.

After clicking OK and giving the new facility selection a name, the main interface will open up.  Only the current facility selection may be edited; all other will be grayed out and locked from editing. 

Facility selections can be created using any number of individual tools, or by using multiple tools in combination.  For example, a facility query based on an ArcMap query may be applied, then a user selection may be used to refine the selection.  In addition to being a simple way to select elements, facility selections can be used for basic thematic mapping.  Notice in the screenshot below how facility selections may be associated to different colors.

Facility selections are a great tool to separate groups of facilities within the same feature class.  A great application of facility selection is to use them to differentiate between forcemains and gravity mains in a sewer mains feature class.  Facility selections may be used to give each type of main different options for risk analysis, rehab planning, and even statistical analysis.

The list below describes the different options available in the Facility Selection window.


 - Creates a new facility selection.

  - Copies the currently highlighted facility selection and makes a new facility selection.

 - Deletes the currently highlighted facility selection.

- Selects objects on the map using the currently highlighted facility selection and associated color.

 - Saves and closes the dialog box.

  - Closes the dialog box.

 - Replaces the facility selection to the current facility source.

- Adds the current facility source to the facility selection.

- Removes the current facility source to the facility selection.

- Selects elements within the current facility selection using the specified facility source.

- Clears the current facility selection.

Facility Source Options

Select one of the following options and then click Add, Remove, or Sub-Select to refine a facility selection.  This applies to the selected facility type:

User Selection - Modifies the facility selection by prompting you to select features on the map.  After selecting elements, right-click and choose enter.

ArcMap Selection - Modifies the facility selection by opening the ArcGIS Select by Attribute tool.  This is a great way to use ArcMap tools and queries as an input for InfoAsset Planner facility selections.  Many useful facility selections can be created by clearing the ArcMap selection, using ArcMap Select by Attribute of Location tools to make a specific selection, and then saving it as an InfoAsset Planner facility selection.

Survey Import - Pipes or manholes that have survey elements in the specified survey dataset modify the facility selection.

Facility Selection - Modifies the facility selection by using an existing facility selection.

Within Named Area - Modifies the facility selection with all features within a named area.

Network Tracing - Modifies the facility selection by performing a upstream/downstream tracing analysis.

Table Query - This option allows for facility selections to be queried based on their attributes.  With this option, you can create facility queries for their vertical assets.

Special Query - Modifies facility selections by accessing Work Manager data (Service Requests, Work Orders, Inspections).

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