The Facility Explorer window displays information on the selected facility. It is a great window to view different types of individual facility information in a single interface.

The dockable Facility Explorer window may be accessed by clicking on the Facility Explorer icon in the main InfoAsset Planner toolbar. When opened, it should look like the screenshot below.

Toolbar Options

On the top of the Facility Explorer, is a row of buttons shown below. These are described below from left to right.

Refresh - Updates the display to reflect any changes. The General Info tab as well as other areas of the Facility Explorer are easily editable so it is good to stay up-to-date.

Select a Facility - Allows you to select another facility and update the information shown in the Facility Explorer. This button is also present in the main InfoAsset Planner toolbar.

Search Facility - Gives you the option to search for a particular facility based off the unique Facility ID.  You must specify the facility type of the searchable facility. The arrow at the bottom of the window may also be used to select a facility from the map.  Double-click on any found facility in the space provided to automatically select it and zoom to it.

Launch Google Map - Opens up your default browser to the Google Street View of the location of the selected facility.

Work Items - When selected, this option opens a separate window to display work items associated with the selected facility. Service Requests, Inspections, and Work Orders are visible in this new window and selectable. Clicking once will open the selected work items properties in the same window. Double-clicking will zoom the user to the work item on the map and open the Work Explorer window.

Add-On Note - This tool can be used to associate information from outside the project database to a specific facility. Pictures, videos, other media files, and hyperlinks are good examples of data which can be linked this way. Most data types can be imported or associated in other ways, but this is a good customizable way to link varying data. The top half of this window lists the different notes while the bottom half shows the different media files and/or hyperlinks associated to the add-on note.

User Selection - This tool is similar to the Select a Facility tool, but more flexible.  You can select multiple facilities at once and display the common attributes from selected facilities within the Facility Explorer.  By using the drop-down arrow on this tool, you may access their saved Facility Selections or make custom selections to add to their list of saved Facility Selections.

Zoom To -  Zooms to all InfoAsset Planner selected elements.

Delete - Deletes the selected facility or facilities.

Show/Hide VA Tree - Reveals or hides the vertical asset tree for the selected asset. When the vertical asset tree is revealed, you may select and edit vertical asset attribute fields in the General Info tab, as well as view other associated tabs.

Bill of Materials - Opens up a printable report showing the parent facility and all its vertical asset children. A similar report can be generated within the Advanced Reports tool.

Facility Explorer Tabs

Within the Facility Explorer window are also a number of tabs. These tabs store data relevant to the selected facilities. Depending on the facility type and number of facilities selected, different tabs may be available. Only one facility type at a time may be displayed within the Facility Explorer; manhole information and pressurized mains cannot be viewed at the same time.

General Info - This first tab contain the attribute data from the feature class associated to the facility type and selected Facility ID. Most of the fields in this tab may be edited within the Facility Explorer directly. After editing, you should save their edits before moving on.

In addition, you can edit the categories dividing the fields, change the display order of the fields, and turn fields off to edit their visibility in the Facility Explorer. You may not create fields in the Facility Explorer, only in the attribute table or DB Editor.

Survey - Survey Import data associated with the particular asset is shown here. This tab is only available when a facility within the gravity mains, manholes, or laterals facility type has been selected. Double-clicking on a Survey Import listed will automatically open the Condition Assessment window and allow the user to view the internal view.

COF - Displays the Consequences of Failure (COF) results for the selected facility. Selecting a COF allows you to rerun, view the full tabular reports for the COF, or generate a map display.

LOF - Displays the Likelihoods of Failure (LOF) results for the selected facility.  Selecting an LOF allows you to rerun, view the full tabular reports for the LOF, or generate a map display.

Risk Displays the risk results for the selected facility. Selecting a risk analysis allows you to rerun, view the full tabular reports for the risk analysis, or generate a map display. In addition, COF, LOF, and risk results are shown below.  These fields are not directly editable.

Deterioration Model - This tab is only available for the gravity main facility type in the Sewer network and the pressurized main facility in the Water network. This tab displays the deterioration model results for the selected facility. Selecting a model analysis allows you to rerun, view the full tabular reports for the deterioration model, or generate a map display.  In addition, tabular and graphical results are shown below. These fields are not directly editable.

Work - This tab is similar to the Work Items button .  It displays service requests, inspections, and work orders associated with the selected facility or facilities. Double-clicking on a shown work item will open up the Work Explorer.