The Export Project Database function is a great way to batch export any items from within the project database to any location outside the project database. It is a good way to transfer an InfoAsset Planner database from a local file geodatabase to an enterprise solution.

This function can be found by clicking the InfoAsset Planner drop-down menu. The following window will then appear.

You must choose the geodatabase type you would like to create, personal geodatabase or file geodatabase.  If you select either of these two options, the exported items will be added to this new geodatabase.  If you select the enterprise option, the exported items will not be added to a new enterprise option, but the enterprise connection selected by the user.

The ellipsis button allows for navigation to the geodatabase location.

If the exported tables are being added to a database structure requiring short table names (Oracle), the tick box must be checked.  It should be noted that if InfoAsset Planner must rename long tables to bring them down to 30 characters or less, you should take care to uniquely identify the final 7 characters in each table.  See the screenshot below.  InfoAsset Planner must scramble with random characters the middle portion of the table name in order to shorten long table.