With InfoAsset Planner version 2020.1 and above Electro Scan survey data can be imported via REST-API connection to your Electro Scan database. The Electro Scan data can be viewed and analyzed the same way as any other survey.

Be sure your organization's firewall allows access to Electro Scan's Rest API server. First go to this site before you import data: https://api.criticalsewers.com:5000 If no error occurs, then you have access to Electro Scan's Rest API server.

The Electro Scan import is found under the Survey Standard import options. To import data from Electro Scan, follow the steps highlighted below:

  1. With the Gravity Mains facility type selected in the dropdown of the Operation Center (Pressurized Mains in the water distribution network), right click on Survey Data Import.

  2. Choose the Electro Scan Survey Import option. It should be available in InfoAsset Planner 2020.1 and above. 

     For Gravity Mains:

    For Pressurized Mains (Water Distribution network):

  3. Provide an ID and and Description to the survey import.

  4. Right click on the Electro Scan import created.

  5. Provide the Electro Scan App User ID and the Electro Scan API Token. Specify the import options as needed.

To obtain the Electro Scan App User ID and the Electro Scan API Token contact the Electro Scan technical department at tech@electroscan.com.

The Defect View provides the location of the defect along the length of the pipe. The defects are color coded based on the GPM severity category.