InfoAsset Planner's Defect Code tables can be found in the main InfoAsset Planner drop-down menu.  All defect code tables for the gravity main, manhole, and lateral line facility types are found in the same interface.  Defect code tables are only available when operating in the Sewer network category.

To access these special tables, use the main InfoAsset Planner drop-down menu and navigate to Defect Codes.

The Defect Codes table will open in the Dashboard window.  When survey import data is imported and analyzed with the Survey Analysis Wizard tool, the appropriate defect codes table is referenced when scoring the found defect codes and associating draft rehab methods.  The defect codes table controls which defect codes are recognized, how they are scored and whether there is any conditional scoring associated with the particular defect, and also assigns the defect a type and a rehab method.

In the Defect Codes table, you can change the survey standard and navigate to each of the three survey import facility types.  In addition, some survey standards; namely, NASSCO survey standards, have multiple versions which you can toggle in between.  Depending on the version and standard set as active, your survey import data may be scored differently.

Note that only the gravity mains facility type contains additional survey standards besides NASSCO standard coding.

Defect Codes and Rehab Planning

The Defect Codes tables are an integral part of the Rehab Planning process.  Defect codes tables help to relate the individual defects to Rehab Methods.  These Rehab Methods are then associated with Rehab Costs and then combined into Rehab Actions which are assigned to each facility.  This helps InfoAsset Planner progress from unorganized individual defects within survey data, to logical rehab action items with relevant cost information applied to each asset.  The basic flow from defect codes to rehab action is shown below.