The DB Editor contains many tools to assist you in manipulating their data.  These tools are described below.

Block Editing: By highlighting a number of cells in a column and right-clicking, you can quickly block edit multiple cells at once.


In addition to block editing and the copy/paste tool (not a right-click option, only with hot keys, i.e., CTRL- V) available within the DB Editor, there are also tools available when right-clicking a field title.

Sort Options: You can sort by particular field in either alphabetical or numerical order.  Multi-field sorting is also available by using this option on multiple fields.

Best Fit: Formats column width.

Filter Mode: When applicable, this option will appear to allow you to view data with an ArcMap domain applied or without.

Field Statistics: When applicable to the field selected, this option will appear.  It summarizes the numerical data in the column.

Field Calculator: This tool is very similar to ArcMap's Field Calculator function.  You can create equations or relationships to manipulate data based on values found in other fields.