The DB Editor interface displays the tabular data selected you with a toolbar at the top to assist with data manipulation and selection.  The interface is fully editable; however, it is good for you to remember to click Save in the top toolbar to commit any changes to the database.

The tools within the database are described below:

 Refresh: Updates the DB Editor to the latest data.

 Select All Records/Selected Records: Allows you to toggle between all records vs. ArcGIS selected records.

Save: Saves any changes which have been made within the DB Editor.

 Export: Allows you to export selected records as PDF, Excel, or .csv files.

 Print: Opens up the print preview window based on the records selected in the DB Editor table.

 Delete Record: Allows you to delete a row within the DB Editor.

 Zoom To: Zooms to and adds the selected element(s) to the InfoAsset Planner facility selection.

 Add New Map Selection: Adds selected records(s) to the ArcMap selection.

 Group By Mode: You may group records by one or more fields with this option. Simply drag-and-drop fields into the area created at the top of the table when group by mode is enabled.

 Field Setting: Allows you to adjust the order of fields displayed and add custom fields. Field visibility may also be toggled.

Display Setting: General display settings for the DB Editor including theme, alignment, and decimal precision.

 Query Builder: Allows for queries to be applied to the DB Editor view.