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The Database Editor is not part of InfoAsset Planner's data import process, nor is it truly an analysis piece within InfoAsset Planner.  Instead, you should think of the the Database Editor as very similar to entering an ArcGIS editing session.  With the Database Editor, you have direct access to InfoAsset Planner's back end tables through a more user friendly interface.  You can block edit, field calculate, and easily manipulate raw data within the InfoAsset Planner project database before InfoAsset Planner analysis.

To access the Database Editor:

1. Click  in the InfoAsset Planner toolbar, which will open the following dialog box.  

2. Then click  to open a table.

3. Select a database table and the desired data scope.  Note how you can edit the Facility data (includes both linear and vertical assets), CCTV survey information, and Work Manager tables from within the DB Editor.