The Data Miner interface is similar in functionality to some of ArcGIS's existing functionality (namely ModelBuilder) and similar in appearance to InfoAsset Planner's Rehab Decision Trees.  Many users new to ArcGIS/InfoAsset Planner, may find the interface confusing at first, but the added complexity allows for a more flexible user experience.

The main components within the Data Miner interface include the two toolbars on top, the dockable windows, along the edges, and the Data Miner drawing surface.  The options within these components are described below.

Toolbar Overview


File - Allows you to select a variety of options such as create new Data Miner, export and import Data Miners, and print a copy of the layout.

Run - Runs the Data Miner analysis.

Windows - You can toggle on or off the available dockable windows.  These windows include:

  • Building Blocks – Shows what options can be added to the Dater Miner layout

  • Block Properties – Gives a preview of the data options included in each building block

  • Preview Data – Displays facility data from the selected Source Data building block

  • Overview – Displays the window location of the Data Miner layout

  • Legend – Shows the key for the different building block types

Toolbar Buttons


This additional toolbar gives you more ways to manipulate their Data Miner.  Notable options include:

Save As - Data Miner models can be saved and recalled within the InfoAsset Planner project.  They can also be saved as .json files and used between multiple projects.  Finally, Data Miners can be consolidated and saved as custom assemblies.  These custom assemblies can be used within other Data Miners.  In this way, you can shorten and simplify your Data Miner flowcharts.

Export… - Allows you to export Data Miner layouts as pictures (.png/.svg /PDF).  


Click Add to add a new model parameter and then specify the model parameter details.  Use the Type option to specify the type of model parameter (Facility Type, COF/LOF Type, etc.).  The Show In Popup option to control when the model parameter value can be changed.  The 'Facility Type' parameter below can now be input into a Data Miner.  When the Data Miner is run, InfoAsset Planner will display a popup (see Show in Popup = True) and it will allow you to select the type of Facility to input wherever the 'Facility Type' parameter is shown.  

 Rearrange - Organizes the Data Miner into a more user-friendly template.

 Draw/Select/Pan - The last three options control how you interact with the Data Miner workspace.  Note that you can select multiple objects all at once to move or delete groups of building blocks.