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InfoAsset Planner Data Miner allows for data flexibility and customization.  Similar to the Rehab flowchart, the Data Miner uses objects and flow arrows to create reports, query data, join objects, and much more.  For more information regarding the Data Miner beyond this helpfile, see our Knowledge Base and User Forum resources.

The Data Miner can be found in the Operation Center.  Right-click in the Data Miner tab blank space to create a New Data Miner.

New - Enter the blank Data Miner interface to create a new Data Miner.  InfoAsset Planner will prompt the user to name the Data Miner and save it once the user tries to either run or save the Data Miner.

Clone - Duplicates the selected Data Miner.

Edit - Brings the user to the currently selected Data Miner setup.

Run - Runs the Data Miner without having to enter into the interface.

Result Tables - If resulting tables were generated from a previously run Data Miner, they may be quickly viewed in the Dashboard.

Delete - Removes the Data Miner.  Any custom reports or facility selections created from the deleted Data Miner will remain.

Refresh - Regenerates the list.

Note that Data Miners are not heavily restricted in terms of naming convention; they may have spaces, special characters, etc.