The Dashboard is a collection of graphical components based on different attributes and analysis associated with the InfoAsset Planner data. Dashboards allow you to view multiple tabular reports and graphs all at once and in the same interface.  You can find the Dashboard button in the main InfoAsset Planner toolbar and in the Operation Center window under the Toolbox tab.

InfoAsset Planner's Dashboards can be opened in a variety of ways.  Depending on the type of report or graph that you want to open, different options may be more efficient.

  1. You may open the Dashboard directly from the InfoAsset Planner toolbar by clicking .  If a report or graph has already been generated and added to a previously closed dashboard, it will be displayed immediately.  If no report or graph has been generated yet, the Dashboard will prompt you to generate a new report/graph through a step-by-step process.

  2. It can be opened from the Operation Center by opening a new or saved report, graph or saved dashboard.  All of these options will be displayed within the Dashboard window.

  3. Many different reports, summaries, and tables which can directly be selected will open automatically within the Dashboard window.  The Defect Codes table, for example, open within the Dashboard.  Similarly stored results from CCTV Survey Imports, COFs, LOFs, risk, deterioration, and rehab analyses can be opened within the Dashboard by right-clicking on the saved item and selecting the desired report.

All of these options can open up the following interface which may look similar to the screenshot below.

Within this interface, there are many tools available to you, which are described below.

Dashboard Tools 

These simple tools are always available in every dashboard.

New Report/Graph - Allows you to select a new report or graph to add to the dashboard.

New Dashboard - Removes all graphs and reports from the current dashboard and defaults back to a new, blank dashboard.

Save - Saves any changes to the created dashboard.

Save as - Allows you to save the dashboard as shown for easy recall.  The saved dashboard will be saved in the Operation Center in the Toolbox tab.

Panel - Graphs and reports are typically shown as tabbed objects within the dashboard.  However, they can be paneled or un-docked so that multiple objects can be viewed at the same time.  This drop-down option allows you to do this general formatting.

Report Tools

These tools may change depending on the report shown.  In general, most reports will always contain the following options.  These are described from left to right.

Refresh - If there were any changes to the graph, refresh can update them.

Show all Records/Show Selected Records - Allow you to toggle the table view between showing the entire table and only showing features selected by ArcMap.

Save - Saves any data changes to the table or graph (most tables and graphs displayed in the IA Dashboard are not directly editable, however, so this option will generally be grayed out).

Save As - Saves the table or graph as an object in the Operation Center, Toolbox tab.  Like many InfoAsset Planner objects, these must be given a unique ID and possible description.

Export - Gives you the option to export all records or only selected features as PDFs, CSV files, or Excel spreadsheets.

Print - Opens the Print Preview option for quick printing.

Zoom To - Zooms to the selected elements.  Elements are also highlighted by InfoAsset Planner.

Add to ArcMap Selection - Adds all selected elements to an ArcMap selection.

Group By Mode - Opens up the Group By Mode space above the table.  Allows you to group records by a certain attribute.

Field Settings - Allows you the option to remove fields from the display and adjust the display aliases.  

Display Settings - Give you the option to change the table theme, center the cell values, and adjust the field's precision.

Query Builder  - You may query their data based on attributes with this option.

Graph Tools

Most tools are similar to the report tools, however, there are two significant buttons which are different.

 Reference Graphs - You may add compatible graphs to their currently opened graph.  InfoAsset Planner will only allow you to add graphs with compatible x-axis.

 Settings - This option allows for you to adjust the view of their graph.

Dashboard Wizard

If you open up a blank dashboard or select , the Dashboard Wizard will open.  

Here you can select the type of Report or Graph they would like to open.  Depending on the category selected on the left-hand side different options will become available on the right.  Once set, click Next.

The next window asks you to specify the data type they wish to view in this report.  Sometimes this window is not necessary depending on the type of report or graph that you chose to open.  You may need to double-click on the object on the right-hand side to further specify the data to be viewed.  Once set, click Next.

The final window asks you to specify the scope of data to be viewed.  Here you can specify a selection of elements and add a query statement.