InfoAsset Planner's customized reporting tools allow you to easily summarize and export out critical InfoAsset Planner analysis information.  InfoAsset Planner's customized reporting options allow you to export data in the form of HTML or PDF reports.  These report types are ideal for end users and decision makers wanting to view a dynamic, browser based summary of an InfoAsset Planner analysis (HTML) or for end users looking for a fully customizable and printable PDF report (Advanced Reports).

Customized Reports are found under the Toolbox tab in the Operation Center.

Right-clicking on the header or listed report items will allows you options similar to other tools such as New, Delete, and Add to ArcMap Selection.

HTML ReportsHTML Reports come with set InfoAsset Planner templates available.  Within the Sewer network there are two templates available: a risk summary and a rehab summary.  Within the Water network, there are three reports: risk, rehab, and valve criticality summaries.  These reports are saved within a created 'Reports' folder next to the project database and complete with all the related images and summary information.  HTML reports are ideal for computer-to-computer viewing and have convenient features for you to adapt to their own taste.  HTML reports are ideal for simple filters and queries outside of InfoAsset Planner.  HTML Reports do not print well and do not have the full range of customization like Advanced Reports do since they are confined to the two or three templates.  Unlike Advanced Reports, HTML Reports are faster to generate and easier to access.

Advanced Reports - These reports also come with set InfoAsset Planner templates available and you also have much more flexibility than HTML Reports.  You can copy and edit existing report templates, create brand new templates from scratch, or use the existing reporting templates to create PDF reports.  Because Advanced Reports export as PDFs, they are easily printed and simpler to share with non-users.  Advanced Report can become very complicated, however, when editing and creating customizable templates.  The report building template is basically an entirely separate software.  Within it there is nearly unlimited customization, but this customization comes with a high degree of complexity and a whole new learning curve.