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InfoAsset Planner comes with complete sets of built in validation tools; however, you have some flexibility in creating your own custom validations as well.

With the validation window open, you can create a custom validation by clicking  in the window toolbar.  Once selected, the User Defined Rule window will appear.

The custom validation window above is a completed custom validation.  A new rule will be blank. 

As a example, custom rule 'CR-001' shown above is basically saying the following:

  1. Look at the Pressurized Main facility type (Facility Type) and within this facility type evaluate the Diameter field (Source Field).
  2. The field we will update based on this validation is also the Diameter field within the Pressurized Main feature class (Update Field).

  3. If the material value for a particular pipe is equal to (Equal to radio button) the material value specified in the Pipe_Data table (Target Field) , the rule is NOT violated.  If the values are different when comparing the feature class to the Pipe_Data table, the rule will be called.

Notice that these are three other radio buttons that you can also apply for more simplified validations.  These options do not reference external data like the Pipe_Data in the example above.  You can use the ellipsis next to Source Field and the Target Field options to further specify their Source and Target Fields.

A custom validation might be a good option for users who have data outside of their GIS which may be more accurate than their actual GIS/feature class data.  In this example in particular, diameter values may have been more accurately recorded in the Pipe_Data table than in the GIS so it was selected to validate the facility data.