After the Project Prioritization Settings have been specified, the Project Prioritization workspace will open. The workspace comes with a default Project Prioritization flow chart that provides an example of an analysis where multiple parameters are analysed to create projects. This document explains the steps needed to create and run a new Project Prioritization flow chart. Go to Project Prioritization Settings and Workspace to understand how to setup your analysis. To see how to create a new Project Prioritization analysis from the Operation Center, go to the Project Prioritization section.

The Project Prioritization workspace allows you to edit or create a new flowchart after the Project Prioritization Settings are specified. 

  1. In the Project Prioritization workspace, click New to create a blank project. 

  2. Choose the primary Parametric Project Criteria that the facilities will be grouped in and drag it to the project work space. Generally, the Rehab Action Groups is the first parameter to be selected followed by either Material or Diameter

  3. If the Rehab Action Groups Project Criteria was selected, right click on the criteria box to Enter Parameters. Double clicking the box also works. 

    A list of all the rehab actions in the InfoAsset Planner project are available. Note the analysis will only generate results for the Rehab Action results from the Rehabilitation Plan analysis and cutoff Risk that were selected in the Project Prioritization Settings.

    Note: For Matching Diameter and Matching Material no parameters are specified. The Application will group pipes in groups regardless of the diameter or material values as long as the diameters or materials match. 

  4. Connect the flow chart by dragging routes from one condition criteria to the next one. The first connecting route from a criteria box will be Yes. If only the Yes route is connected to a criteria box the analysis will ignore those pipes that don't comply with the project criteria.

  5. Choose a Spatial Relationship Project Criteria to group pipes into projects.

  6. Double click on the Connectivity criteria box in your flowchart to enter your parameters for Connectivity in the pop-up dialog box.

    Use the Connectivity dialog box to enter your parameters (see below) in the specified fields.

    Number of Assets - Specify the number of connected assets from the starting facility that the grouping will be based on.
    Process connected facilities first even if they may have lower risks - If you click on this checkbox, then you will allow pipes to be added into a project based on connectivity regardless of the risk grade
    Select a Line shapefile/feature class. - Click on the ellipsis  button to select a line shapefile. The shapefile/feature will provide the line to be used as a project boundary.
    Please enter a query text - Enter a query in this field to pre-filter your project boundary. Only use the selected line as a project boundary. 
    OK - Click on the OK button to apply your field parameters to your project workflow.
    Cancel - Click on the Cancel button to cancel.
    Note: If you desire to group pipes based on proximity to an external line feature (e.g., roads), then external line feature is available.

  7. Determine if the manhole rehab will be included in the grouped projects. Drag the Include Manhole's Rehab criteria box to the workspace. Right click on the criteria box and click Enter Parameters.

  8. Select the Manhole Rehab ID from the drop-down menu. Note that a Rehabilitation Plan analysis needs to be created for manholes so that results for manhole rehab are available.

  9. Connect the routing the the Add Project box.

  10. Save and Run the Project Prioritization analysis. Results are ready to be viewed.